How to write a Proposal for Google Summer of Code 2023?

How to write a Proposal for Google Summer of Code 2023?

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Let's talk about Proposal writing for Google Summer of Code

what is a proposal? As per the definition, it is "a plan or suggestion, especially a formal or written one, put forward for consideration by others". If I relate this to GSoC then you have to mention all the small and large details of your project in a doc file.

There are two ways to write a proposal

  1. With Template - some organizations provide a specific proposal template in which you have to fill in your information. For Ex- The Circuit Verse Org has a Template in which you have to fill out your Goals and milestones for the project.

  2. Without Template - These proposals are made from scratch and they have to be according to the applicant's choice and with the help of suggestions from the mentors. let's discuss this in detail.

Checkout these Proposals:


  • Title: Short and precise

  • Your Info: Your name along with basic information like your college, location, gender, email, and link to your social media handles.

  • About: Who you are, what do you do? explain in a short and simple form.

  • Synopsis: Based on the format, start your proposal with a summary, designed to convince the reviewer to read the rest of the proposal

  • What will you bring to the Community?: Ensure that your project aims to benefit the larger purpose by serving the community. Any reputed organization will aim to fund you if your proposal benefits a large audience with a significant impact.

  • Deliverables: Include a brief, clear work breakdown structure with milestones and deadlines

  • Past Work: Do your research, and make sure you understand how the project you are proposing fits into the target organization

  • Biographical Information: Be sure to communicate personal experiences and skills that might be relevant to the project. Summarise your education, work, and open-source experience. Any published work, successful open-source projects and the like should be mentioned.

  • Follow the rules: Under all circumstances, you are requested to adhere to the guidelines that can help your application get a green signal.


  • Be honest with what you write, unnecessarily giving false information will not bring you good results

  • Take feedback from the community on your proposal form.

  • Plan things ahead of time and always have room for errors.

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